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Fishing Shallow, Medium, and Deep Waters for BIG Bass

Nick Mack – August 5, 2008

Big Bass

 Discover what works and what doesn't when bass fishing at different depths, these quick tips are sure to immediately increase your odds...

So you’ve avidly read instructional books on bass fishing, grasped the difference between a slow and fast action rod, and scheduled a fishing trip with friends, but Before you pack up all your gear and jump in your truck, take a minute to read this article to add a couple of more advanced tips to your arsenal.

Inexperienced anglers fail to catch more bass because they don’t fully understand how to use the lures properly. Lures of all types including spinnerbaits are intended for specific functions. There are a large variety of bass fishing lures available at fishing stores that should only be used in particular environments and in certain ways, so here’s a quick guide to the lures you should use in waters of varying depth.


Shallow Water Fishing: Although bass tend to feed in shallow waters, catching them can be a bit tricky because they’re scattered. Catching bass in shallow waters requires you to use lures that can be cast and withdrawn easily and in quick succession.

This way, you can cover a large area of water effectively. This is important because if you stay in a single area for too long, you decrease your chance of catching any bass.

Medium Water Fishing: Crankbait are ideal for medium water fishing. Depending on the exact depth of water, different sized crankbaits are needed. The most ideal are crankbaits that can sink deep into the water and remain there for long periods of time.

If you have enough of these out in the water, you increase your chances of catching fish. The best part is, with crankbaits, the lures typically go deeper into the fish’s mouth before hooking onto it. This ensures a guaranteed catch.

Deep Water Fishing: Bass go to deeper depths in search of cooler and more oxygen-rich water during the summer. Experienced anglers use pre-rigged plastic worms and jigs to fish in deeper waters. Be sure to get a worm made of soft plastic to imitate the texture of an actual worm, so the bass will hold on to the lure longer. The longer it holds on, the more time you have to reel him in.

Understand this and you’re ready to catch bass in any sort of environment. Fishing in medium depth waters may be your best bet because anglers tend to go to the extremes when fishing. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Just make sure you fully understand the purpose of each lure type before you use it.